Van der Valk Montagesystemen
van der valk montagesystemen

Our range for pitched roofs is both well planned and complete. The three basic pitched system are applicable to many different types of roofs.


  • Practical and safe side-mounting
  • Reduced roof fixing due to strong profile design
  • Sleek appearance

Ease of assembly and speed are important issues to be taken into account in the development of roof mounting system.


  • Extremely fast panel mounting
  • Minimum number of profiles required
  • Sleek appearance
van der valk montagesystemen

The ValkDouble, ValkTriple and ValkQuattro of Van der Valk Solar Systems are practical and universal solar mounting systems developed specifically for use on ‘unusual’ flat roofs, such as extension roofs or shed roofs, garages or apartment buildings.


  • Landscape configuration with two panels
  • Reduced roof fixing due to strong profile design
  • Ideal for extension roofs or shed roofs
van der valk montagesystemen

These systems in the shape of a ramp are ideal in places that are not big enough to accommodate a number of rows of the ‘standard’ Flat Roof System or create unwanted shading.


  • Low height due to small fixed tilt angle of 10°
  • Landscape configuration with three panels
  • Ideal for garages
van der valk montagesystemen

The ValkTriple® mounting system is an universal mounting system that can be used to install 3 standard solar panels in a landscape set-up one above the other, with a tilt angle of 10°, on a flat roof with a height up to 10m.


  • Landscape configuration with four panels
  • Reduced roof fixing due to strong profile design
  • Ideal for apartment buildings
van der valk montagesystemen

The ValkPro+, the ValkFlat – Portrait and the ValkFlat – Landscape utilize various foundations. For example, the systems can be attached using rubber tile carriers, mass blocks or consoles.


  • Any tilt angle possible
  • Quick assembly due to premounted A-frames
  • Extremely fast mounting
van der valk montagesystemen

Flat roof systems can be attached to the roof or need to be supported by ballast, to make sure that the system is unable to move, lift or tip over.


  • Maximum logistical simplicity
  • Low ballast due to coupled design
  • Consoles provide a fixed mounting to the roof
van der valk montagesystemen

Van der Valk Solar System launces a new mounting system: ValkPro+. New standards have given clarity on how to deal with certain wind loads and were the reason for this innovation.


  • Very fast mounting
  • Metal connectors, no plastic
  • Domestic and commercial projects
van der valk montagesystemen

The following three systems present a cost-effective use of large surfaces, have aesthetic qualities and contribute to your sustainable image.


  • Suitable for residential buildings or entrances
  • Developed according to Eurocode standards
  • Landscape configuration
van der valk montagesystemen

Besides solar mounting systems for pitched roofs, flat roofs and open fields, Van der Valk Solar Systems also supplies systems for special applications such as facades, greenhouses and water.


  • Suitable for any type of greenhouse structures
  • Strengthens sustainable image
  • For small and large surfaces
van der valk montagesystemen

The mounting systems of Van der Valk Solar Systems are delivered and installed by an extensive network of dealers and installers.


  • Ideal for ponds near industrial complexes
  • Special plastic floats for guaranteed stability
  • Floating solar installation
van der valk montagesystemen

Open fields are well suited as a location for solar installations. Along with providing many square meters of surface area, they also have the space required to place the installations in the most favourable position facing the sun.


  • Holds one row of panels
  • Reduced wind load due to low height
  • Ideal for small surfaces with height limitations
van der valk montagesystemen

The Van der Valk field systems are flexible and can be easily adjusted to fit any space. The following two basic systems are applicable to any type of surface.


  • Holds two rows of panels
  • Very durable construction
  • Suitable for medium to large projects

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